"Being a first time mother was scary, Paula helped me relax and learn how to breastfeed my daughter.  My daughter is 7 now, and I'm still grateful for the support she gave me"

    Jill N.
             Andover, NJ 

Comprehensive Lactation Consultations - Breastfeeding consultations are available as office visits, or as home visits.  Each consultation includes a detailed assessment of mother and baby, an observed feeding, a baby weight check, a detailed feeding plan, and recommendations for follow-up care.  An initial consultation appointment is 2 hours, and follow-up appointments are 1 hour, or by phone.  Completed insurance forms will be provided for all clients so they may seek reimbursement from their insurance provider for lactation care. 

Phone Consultations -

Brief phone consultations and general breastfeeding questions are welcomed, and free of charge.

Prenatal Breastfeeding Education -  Breastfeeding classes are offered in a group setting, or for individual families.  Group classes are held on a monthly basis, specific dates can be found on the calendar.   Individual family classes are available by appointment.

Breast Feeding Mothers' Lunch -

The Breastfeeding Mothers Lunch is a relaxing afternoon lunch designed to get breastfeeding mothers together.   To ensure that each mother has a chance to slow down and enjoy getting to know other breastfeeding moms, "baby help" is provided during the lunch.  Please check the calendar for upcoming dates. 

Please call for pricing.  Cash, check and Venmo accepted.